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Delivered Kerosene in the UK

Are you looking for competitive prices on your home heating oil?

You can get two types of heating oil delivered to your home: kerosene or gas oil. What you will need is determined by the type of boiler you have in your home. Kerosene is more widely used in homes and it tends to be more efficient. Kerosene also has very good burning characteristics, and is recommended for use in domestic heating appliances. These clean burning characteristics maintain a high heat output throughout the year and offer maximum economy.

With any supplier of home heating oil you will be looking for fairness and transparency in price and reliability when it comes to delivery and service. Rawlings Fuels offers some of the cheapest home heating oil prices to our customers. We deliver kerosene to customers throughout the UK, and the ECO-clean premium kerosene we supply not only keeps the fuel system clean but will offer optimum burner performance and keep the amount of maintenance required to a minimum. If you want to get the best price on delivered kerosene in the UK, we can offer the service you need.