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Find UK Kerosene Suppliers

Kerosene goes by multiple different names, which can make it confusing when it comes to purchasing it. The majority of home heating systems use kerosene to fire the oil boiler. Used in cookers and oil-fired boilers, kerosene is the UK’s most commonly used fuel for those homes which rely on oil for their heating.

Kerosene burns cleanly, and it is a clear, thin oil of relatively low density. Fundamentally, kerosene is a diverse, versatile fuel which can power anything from domestic heating systems to the largest of machines, such as jet engines.

Many homes today are attached to the national grid and receive their supplies of gas from there, but a large number of homes still depend on home heating oil. Kerosene is an efficient way of heating your home, and remains an excellent source of energy.

Do you need kerosene to heat your home? Do you need to find kerosene suppliers?

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