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Large Commercial Gas Oil Orders

Many businesses rely on gas oil to keep their systems running smoothly throughout each working day. With no gas oil on the premises, operations would simply grind to a halt, and this would be the case for many businesses in the agricultural, construction, and marine industries, among others.

It’s beneficial for a commercial business to have a good relationship with their supplier of gas oil. This not only makes ordering easier, but it also helps should you suddenly require a delivery of more gas oil. A trusted supplier should be able to meet all your gas oil requirements.

Here at Rawlings Fuels we know that sometimes you cannot plan ahead when it comes to placing your gas oil orders, but you might still require an urgent delivery. With over 100k litres of stock available at our depot, we can dispatch an oil tanker in a matter of hours. Our deliveries are managed professionally, and our clear focus is always on providing the best order and delivery service possible. Whether you have a large order or a small order for fuel, we aim to ensure your business is never left without oil.