Yard Sales

Looking for small quantites of Kero or Red Diesel?

We have the option for you to collect small quantities of both Kerosene (home heating oil) and Red Diesel from our yard in South Warnborough. You can either bring your own containers (as long as they are safe enough to use) and we will fill them up, or we can supply the fuel in our own containers.


To take advantage of this please make sure you call us ahead on 01256 761612 rather than just turn up.

We are open Monday to Friday between 9am - 4pm.

We're here when you need us...


"Tom and his team provide the most exceptional service, I ran out of fuel and was recommended to Rawlings Fuels. Tom was very pleasant and extremely sympathetic towards my situation, I ran out of fuel in the cold month of February but they managed to get me a delivery within 24 hours. I have used them for all my deliveries ever since and they have definitely been the best oil company I've ever used." Mrs H.


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or call 01256 761612

Fuel Types:

We have a high quality fuel just for you. 

Premium Kero - Boiler
Premium Kero - Cooker
Gas Oil
Gas Oil Extra
Road Diesel

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